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Argentium (93.5) Silver Tiny Cold Forged Heart 'Hoop' Earrings


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Rugged Heart~ Argentium Silver Hand Forged Artisan Earrings


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Artisan Cut Navajo Pottery Heart Copper Hand Fabricated Pendant Necklace


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Forever Hearts~ Leather Sterling Silver Organic Artisan Charm Bracelet


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Raku Lampwork and Leather Metalwork Necklace


Azteca Designs Boutique - Hand Forged in the mountains of Wyoming!

Looking for a bit of hand forged beauty from the mountains of Wyoming? Look no further! My artisan crafted jewelry designs are created with the best in Argentium Silver, sterling silver, bronze, brass, and copper! I incorporate artisan lampwork beads, leather, and gems for fantastic one-of-a-kind pieces!